Im Parker at Cold Roses Consulting. I am a Personal Stylist Wardrobe Consultant. I work with ladies and gentleman to help them improve their style or vibe. I love the way clients act after a few sessions, I can tell they feel good about themselves. Let me help you take your personal image to the next level and beyond. Message me for services, package options, and availability.Thank you, Parker
I am moving and purging Hair accessories are from a partnership between fashion jewelry brand Chloe Isabel and celebrity hair stylist, Jen Atkin.Prices as marked or make me an offer
INCREASE YOUR SALES PER DAY $600-$800 I will teach you how Its so much FUNYou can charge $79-$99 per client for their Teeth Whitening Treatment. You can do this in your salon booth or esthetics room. Perfect added income for hair stylist, nail, facial, tattoo artist. Dentist charge over $200 for the same professional treatment. It takes 30 minutes total per client and can be done while their ha...