My daughter is a new single mom. She got accepted to nursing school starting in September. She is desperately in need of a working laptop for school. She received much of the tuition already from FAFSA grants, but cannot use that money for the required laptop. Please help if you can! Thanks
Hello! I just started a new job and our budget is very very limited. We have a break room just nothing in it! If anyone has any lightweight folding tables or chairs my entire staff and I would appreciate it!
Also a bed base, size full. I can arrange to pick it up.
I teach 5th grade and I am looking for art supplies and also reading books. If you have anything that you don't want or need anymore (paper, pens, highlighters, glitter, stickers, etc.. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!
I am a 100% Disabled Combat Medic Veteran. My Jeep of many years has died a horrible death. I have no way to get to my medical appointments or the grocery store. Does anyone have a car they don't use anymore?
I can arrange to pick up
Looking for a clean comfortable twin mattress or two that have not had any pets or smoking. We have allergies. Tia.
I'm looking for a food dehydrator. Either free or low cost. I'm open to a group buy, the best model that you know of or any other information for a clean, working food dehydrator with temperature control. This is for drying raw food.
Searching for a small flat bed trailer to tow our scooter, pick up appliances, furniture, landscaping materials, etc. Looks not important. Would like unit to be fully operational for ease of pick up. Thank you!
If you have a sewing machine gathering dust thinking you may use it someday we have kids in our after-school program that want to learn to sew. We can't all share one machine. PLEASE DONATE if you can
I am looking to get back into shape. I would really like to get some olympic free weights to use on the olympic bar that I got from a friend. Anything will help! Thanks!
Wanted: In need of a Refrigerator.
Wanted: legos. Have any Legos that have been sitting in a box for a few years that could use a good home with kids who would really appreciate playing with them. Just looking for any pieces Doesn t need to be a set. Thank you in advance!
Looking for a gently used glider (preferred) or rocking chair you no longer need.
Looking for an inflatable kids wading pools.
I am looking for license plates from any state so I can make a craft
In real need of men's size 10 shoes. Could use athletic and work shoes. This is for a homeless man I watch over. He is in desperate need. Thank you!
I just adopted a 14 week old lab mix. He's about 15 lbs, i'm not sure how big he'll get (50 lbs maybe??) Looking for a crate for him, preferably something he can grow into.
Does anybody have a ladder that they would like to give away? We don't have any type of ladder yet, so any size would be a huge improvement. We are hoping to be able to use it to clean our windows and reach the top of our apricot tree. Thank you!
My wife's birthday is coming up and I know she is interested in having a food dehydrator or vacuum sealer to preserve some of the yield of our garden. Does anybody have one they would like to give away? We would put it to good use. Thank you!
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